Common Misconceptions About CURRENT Training programs

Training is a key of growth. It opens the doors of your chosen career path. Helps you unlock the treasured knowledge and lead you on the path of career advancement. Training Programs are intended to ensure that you are riding on the top of your game.

Conducting training and development programs is a kind of investment. Many companies have realised the fact that they must invest in their employees, which will ultimately lead to improved productivity. However choosing a best training program is still a challenge. Some of them still cling to 20th century training methodologies and as a result their productivity suffers a lot. An up-to-date training program conducted at proper timing and in a most scientific manner is a must in order to increase the employee productivity. However this term “Training Programs”, reflects differed opinions as per the role of the person. Often financial directors of the companies think it is a unnecessary investment as the returns are not immediately evident. Whereas most of the employees think they are already delivering their responsibilities very well then why do company want to improve their skills? And still contradicting to all these opinions the HR managers are always eager to train “their people” on regular interval of time. In their perspective they look at training as a long term investment.

All in all there here are four measure misconceptions about Current Training Programs among the employees.

It’s a waste of time and money:

Current Employee training has long term benefits and most of the times they are not even measurable in a statistical manner. This is the key fact that leads everyone to think that training is a waste of time and money. Whereas the fact is, upgrading employee knowledge improves their efficiency and skills which ultimately results in the growth of the company. In this internet era there are many free training programs as well as online training programs available, which will give you knowledge and also save your time and money.

Only external trainings are productive:

Most of the times external training organisations have measurable results to show, but sometimes online training programs are also equally effective. They offer the advantage of flexi timing. Employees can go through these schedules when they have free time without affecting productivity.

Trainers don’t have on-field experience:

As an obvious response, employees tend to think that the trainers lack on-field experience. Every client, every deal and every situation is different and need to be tackled responsively and responsibly. No Training program can provide this kind of knowledge.

But they mostly don’t have an idea that best training programs are designed with in-depth psychological studies to train you – How to deal with differed personalities in particular scenarios.

Training programs don’t have measurable ROI:

Though it sounds true it actually is not! The training consultancy that the company is hiring should have a comprehensive statistic available with them which shows the better performance results of their previous clients after completing their training. They also have testimonials of previous clients.

Though there are many more misconceptions depending on the role of any person, above four can be considered as the most common and bespoken areas. All of us do understand the importance of “Training” and the benefits that it brings along. Let’s try and override these misconceptions and enjoy the science behind “Training”.

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