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We, as employees, are not always happy at our jobs. We don’t stick around to support the visions of our company’s founders – we are just basically live from pay check to pay check, believing the grass is greener on the other side. How do we change this scenario? Will a day come when we are truly looking forward to get our hands on the projects? The answer to this million dollar question lies in technology training. Let us now take a look at one of the studies conducted this year and see what the results were.

The 2016 Global Human Capital Trends by Deloitte

The Global Human Capital Trends Report for 2016 is aimed at the training professionals who need to be aware of the forces that are redefining what is happening in workplaces. The data was collected from over 7000 participants from more than 140 countries.

Among the other points things it discovered, according to the study, 50 to 60 percent of the workforce learn differently and have different learning needs. It also highlights that most of the millennial generation was born into and has been growing up in a digital world. Most of us don’t know any other way to consume content.

The above findings throws up to us a few interesting highlights:

The millennial generation is very fast evolving, whereas the schooling system is yet to set foot outside old age traditions. The study clearly shows that 8 in 10 executives consider on job technology training to be very important. You might even as well come under that 8. But what about the way things are taught? In a boring environment, the brain shuts down and simply begins to crush and throw all information to the amygdala, the ‘animal brain’, where it will soon be forgotten. As it is evident from the study, the 2016 workforce is greatly interested in knowing new things, learning them and utilizing it, but is hindered by the lack of proper resources to guide them. The static and repetitive learning procedures and the absence of practical teaching shoos executives away, probably scarring them for life. This permanently closes the doors on their development, both personal and in their career.

It doesn’t always have to be that way.

We, at CSSTECINC, take special interest in such studies, because it helps us take a peek inside the daily lives the problems faced by the job seekers and employees. We understand that many of you want to learn new things and fly free, but your wings are stuck hard, weighed down, with no one to rescue. But with us, you can forget outdated platforms and old school learning strategies. We provide technology training courses that are learner centric with self-paced learning opportunities. We provide courses that clicks with you, stirs your interest, sticks with you throughout and transforms your life for good.

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