5 Myths about Online Software Training Busted

With this week begins a New Year. A fresh canvas, pure and empty, for you to paint anything on. In this occasion, let’s take a break to dispel some of the myths surrounding online software training.

Online Software Training and Job?

Many of us are in the belief that an online degree is not of enough worth to land us in a real job. Truth is, a study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management on Survey of Hiring Practices and Attitudes reveals that 79% of organizations had hired an application who had got his certification online. So, an online software training course is no lesser than a traditional school degree and you can very well flaunt it and frame it on your wall.

The next biggest false belief among many of us is that they consider getting an online degree a lazy and easy way of studying. People, this is absolutely false! An online course has the same content as any traditional school. Only if you are a serious student with good self-discipline and time management skills, you’ll be able to top off an online certification program. The only thing missing here is the hand-holding and the constant presence of the teacher. Also, the online courses are in a more flexible format, making it easier for even weak concentrators learn better.

Some consider that an online course has all the time in the world to complete. It is utterly wrong! Just like traditional courses, you’ll be given deadlines for completing tasks. You also cannot finish studying the entire course material in one go – procrastination is not an option in online studying.

Oh, and some people might suspect that you most probably had cheated your way through during the online course. Well, most online courses have eliminated the traditional exam system altogether for other ways of assessments. Also, some institutes use a proctoring system where webcams, microphones, face recognition software, typing style analysis, fingerprint scanning and 360 degree cameras are employed to completely eliminate cheating on their exams.

People have been heard to be saying that students don’t learn as much through online education as they do in daily day schools – this has been proven false by research. No significant difference in the learning outcomes were seen in those who took online software training courses or the traditional courses. A report way back from 2010 from the US Department of Education actually revealed that students who took the course online actually outperformed those who studied the same material through traditional day schools. How’s that!

With 2017, we all have been given a new empty book. It is in each one of our hands to either decorate it, slug through it or distress it to scrap. With the many long lingering myths busted, use this great opportunity to make up a fresh resolution about signing up for the best CSSTECINC online software training course! Carefully crafted with the best latest course material, the series will help you add new feathers to your hat this year. Sign up for the course now!

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