Interesting Facts about the new online educational institutes

Today’s education has vastly changed. It has evolved anew, so different and unique from our traditional schools. Some like these new budding aspects that and welcome them and others maintain a distance between them and these online educational institutes. Why is this so? Don’t you like online studies or are you afraid of change? Are you afraid of venturing into a path whose direction is unknown, covered in darkness? Here we explain to you some interesting aspects of online educational institutes that you need to know.


A complete social experience without leaving your room

Many of us even keep complaining that online courses make your people shy. If you skip traditional school, you’ll never leave your room, they say. But it’s not so. Online learning is a collaborative experience and is highly social, just not physically. There are blogs, social media, discussion boards and email groups for students to interact with each other.

Learner centred

Back in the old school, professors had to divide their attention between watching if you are behaving, teaching you stuff, correcting and evaluating papers, answering interruptions and checking if your homework is done and punishing those who did not obey. Clearly, this is too much for anybody to handle single handedly. Moreover, from the students’ side, they don’t get enough attention from teachers. The all new online educational institutes changes it. Learner centred courses are no longer an option, but a basic necessity now. How cool is that? You can learn at your own pace with a flexible schedule.


Bite sized content

Heavy text books, volumes and files, bags full of books are old school. Today’s learners have the attention span of an impatient toddler. Long paragraphs with super long summaries will promptly put them to sound sleep, creating an aversion to the subject and the teacher. The new lessons of today are micro bite sized, enabling easy absorption and understanding of concepts. Today’s lessons are laced with captivating photos, thoughtful infographics and short sentences to easily convey the messages. The new online educational institutes cater students in the way they like, totally focused on them.


Lots of images and practicals

Images are processed 60,000 times faster than text. Images make learning interesting, more entertaining and provide lots more details in a smaller space than text. The same for practicals – they give you a taste of what the real stuff is going to be, training you to handle situations and solve problems. No amount of text can really give you that accurate information like practicals.


Non Linear Courses

Today’s courses are non Linear and flow in several layers at once at different levels. Students make connections between theories as they learn them, linking what they already know to what they have just learnt. If one seems boring, the student can pursue the next Stream until everything culminates – at some point the student would have mastered even the tough bitter concepts unknowingly under a connected topic that is dear to him.


This is how online educational institutes are changing. Join CSSTECINC, the student friendly institute.

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