Take Advantage of On the Job Training Program – Read These Five Tips

You’re unquestionably fortunate if your organization goes all out to provide on-the-job training (OJT) to employees. You get to learn key skills and enhance your knowledge, which plays a pivotal part in your growth. At the same time, your organization also benefits by conducting OJTs, as trained employees provide superior output after gaining the knowledge they acquire through training.

A growing number of organizations have started feeling the need for training employees- both new and experienced. Studies show that OJTS, if conducted properly, yield splendid results. Organizations that arrange for training sessions also collect expensive feedback to evaluate their effectiveness.  To know how you, as a potential trainee, can make the most of on the job training programs, take a look below at the objectives and intent with which OJTs are imparted:

  1. An Organised and Planned Endeavor Utmost emphasis is placed upon imparting training in an organised manner so that it evolves as a result-oriented exercise. A person is able to learn most constructively in training sessions as they are delivered after intensive planning, which helps maximised learning.
  2. Suits Employee Needs- A well-planned OJT focuses chiefly on developing key skills that learners need to learn specifically. Techniques that research and observations have attested as most effective in optimising learning are usually adopted in OJTs.
  3. Playing while Learning– Trainers make training sessions fun, interactive and productive as they generate best results. Participants feel at ease, become more interactive with others and share knowledge better when training sessions are conducted in this way.
  4. Inspires Multi-skill Development– This is one of the most important aspects of an OJT. Since it is essentially a practical method, trainees also learn additional skills that develop all-round personality.
  5. Feedback all the Way- A training session is incomplete without feedback, which helps trainers know how the participants are faring. Employees are given feedback so they also know which areas they need to improve in for personal improvement.

Treat the five power-packed yet easy-to-follow points given above as tips to succeed. You’ll surely excel at work with the practical expertise that an OJT will familiarise you thoroughly with.


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