Need help with Java tutoring for your APCSA course?

Interested to learn developing Mobile Apps?

CSSTEC introduces a course suitable for IT Savvy kids from Middle school, High school or college who are looking to go to next level with professional help in Learning Core Java programming and mobile app development.

Program details:

  1. Suitable training for 2 classes a week for two hours duration in the evening or weekends.
  2. Training core Java as per APCSA course syllabus.
  3. Hands on Training in mobile App development.
  4. 24/7/365 availability of class room training videos to keep up pace with the class.
  5. Provide notes and tutorials opt for the class.
  6. Provide Additional lectures and presentations from various industry leaders.
  7. Facilitate remote training via go to meeting in case student cannot attend on site class.

CSSTEC believes in STEM program and would like to empower kids with technology and programming skills at early ages of their school career which enables the next generation millennials to become better technocrats to take America to its technical glory.

For enrolment and other details contact +1-678-534-8158 or +1-678-234-7613
or email to

Batches are starting soon.

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