Who’d be a good Front End Developer?


To be fair the intent of this post is to encourage anyone who is on the fence for becoming a Front End developer to get off the fence and make a decision one way or the other. You see if you sit there for too long you will miss some really good career opportunities. The post presents a very high level look at what a Front End developer actually is and why they are considered a hot commodity in today’s information technology job market.


A front End developer is someone who is able to create a software application that runs on a desktop, tablet, mobile device or any contraption that you and I would interface with that creates an informational transaction for which a database might be connected to.

This informational transaction could be visually appealing, numerically driven, entertaining, loud, quiet or all of the above or not as the case may be. Fundamentally though the concept behind being a Front End developer is that you are able to create an experience for the end user (the client) that is away from the main decision making processes of a complex, functioning technical data hub (the server.)

Could this be you?

The layman’s definition is important only in that there is a greater chance that someone who has not had a specific career path to date in a highly technical role might make for a really good Front End developer. You see a Front End developer could be considered as a more customer centric individual. Somebody who has an eye for personal touches, the finer details to what someone might like or dislike. This person might have good design skills, know color theory and technique. They may be very creative, entrepreneurial and kinesthetically aware of their surroundings and how things work together. Front end developers are able to lever the information they have to present a great message. They are “people pleasers” and friendly. Front End developers have a tendency to be good communicators and enjoy managing projects that are heavy in research and development. A good Front End developer is a key member of the technical “Geek Squad” in any organization and you would be surprised at how many individuals who are currently not in a technical software developers position could side step into this career path without too much pain.

If you are still interested here’s some subject headings to whet your I.T. appetite.

Specific IT skills to know:

  • Understand the basic concepts of programming.
  • Become familiar with the industry standard design tools such as the Adobe creative suite.
  • Learn basic HTML and CSS.
  • Learn jQuery.
  • Learn JavaScript.
  • Learn how API’s work.
  • Learn how information is passed from your computer into a database.
  • Learn key Tech acronyms and terminology.
  • Join Tech social media groups and learn the jargon.


Don’t be overwhelmed by the verbiage of the new community that you are trying to be a part of. If you are new to I.T. you are about to learn a new language. If you do not know the core subject matter for learning a new verbal language such as English to Dutch there will be some major challenges to understanding that new language. Becoming a software developer is very similar at first. That’s why I broke the definition for a Front End developer into layman’s terms. The chances are you already have some of the main skills in your knowledge base and all that is now needed is for you to learn some critical processes and new jargon and you will be well on the way to become an entry level Front End Developer.

At CSSTEC we have a track record of seeing novice programmers go through our program and become ready for key Enterprise positions. You could be one of those novice programmers. Give us a call. CSSTEC – We Change Lives!

Frequently Asked Questions about this class:

  • How is this class delivered?Our enterprise front end development course is delivered LIVE in person and LIVE online, simultaneously.
  • What will I be able to do after completing this class?You’ll be able to build the web apps you’ve only been using up until now! Bring your ideas to life with the new software code languages you’ll learn, from prototype to first release on desktop or mobile.
  • What is the cost of the Front End developer course?The cost depends on whether you are on site or off site.
    • On site the cost is $7000.
    • Off site the cost is $4200.

    Once you have cleared the interview process there is a $500 deposit that is due to secure your place. This is refundable (less admin costs) if you do not start the class. (The deposit is included in the cost of the course)

  • Do you have an interest free payment plan?Yes we do have an interest free payment plant that is split over the duration of the course. For a typical 12 week class you have 3 months to pay off the cost.
    Payment Plan.

    $5500 deposit that secures your place on the course. This is refundable if you do not start the class. The first payment is due 1 week into the class and the two subsequent payments are due at the beginning of each of the next two months of the class.

    Payment Schedule.
    • $500 Deposit.
    • On site Payment Plan is 3 equal payments of $2166.
    • Off site Payment Plan is 3 equal payments of $1,233.
  • What will I need to participate in this class?A computer and a text editor is all you need, along with your hunger to learn and set your career on fire in enterprise software development.
  • How do I get started?Contact us to begin the application process. There is an application and interviews to determine if you are a good fit for this class.

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