How Five Simple Job Skills Training Programs Helped Me Succeed

I’m one of those who started off in career on a rather disheartening note- rejection due to lack of experience. After a point, I was on the verge of losing hope and completely puzzled.

However, as luck would have it, I thought of attending job skills training programs in the hope of gaining practical knowledge and important skills. So I went ahead and enrolled for one. By the time my first job skills training program was over, I was a whole new person- confident, enthusiastic and ready to make my mark. I’d like to share my experiences with you about five simple (yet powerful) things I learnt that helped me succeed.

  1. Intensive Practical Knowledge: As my first job skills training program progressed, I began noticing the high level of emphasis being placed on practical training for learners like me.. That gave us deeper insights into what course books at college didn’t really familiarize us with. It boosted our confidence tremendously. It also seemed to give a fresh lease to our existing knowledge. I could talk about turning nostalgic here…
  2. New Marketable Skills: The job skills training programs familiarized us with the latest trends and newest developments in our field. I began appreciating the improvements I was noticing within me as the training program advanced.
  3. Life Skills Training: Simply put, it’s all about connecting with the better side of ourselves and evolving as better individuals and employees. Enriching discussions of noble values and art of living precepts elevated our minds greatly. This part of training would be of great use in challenging situations at workplace.
  4. Valuable Interview techniques: The job skills training programs also trained us in facing interviews. Aims, techniques and manner of conducting interviews were demonstrated through explanation and mock interviews. It helped a lot.
  5. Time Management and Implementing Ideas: The job skills training program also taught us how to manage time, complete assigned tasks and implement ideas effectively.

After the first job skills training program, I attended a few more. And now, I feel confident and ready to take on the world, thanks to the wonderful job skills training programs.


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