Those who would like a career in Big data and Hadoop, Who would like to gain knowledge to become Hadoop ertified
professionals. Intermediate- to advanced-level IT professionals with programming or SQL/RDBMS background. Project
managers/Team leaders/Business Analysis who would like to get some hands on in Hadoop echo systems, Systems architects or designers. IT managers/directors

DURATION:144 Hours

Big data is addressing the biggest challenge confronting the IT industry today, explosion of data.

Data is quadrupling every year. So the storage needs for analytics has grown substantially. With traditional Datawarehousing systems unable to cope-up with Volume of the data (PETA bytes and EXA bytes), Variety of data (Structured, unstructured and semistructured data from internet of things (IOT)), Velocity of data (Real time data and Fast data), Variance of data (Large batches of data can arrive any time), Industries have to grapple with the challenge and have found the answer in Hadoop Echo system.

CSSTEC and Training in Big Data and Hadoop:

CSSTEC provides a indepth and affordable training in big data and Hadoop Echo system. In our classroom/remote learning environment, our experts will share authentic industry knowledge and expertise for success in Data Science / Engineer career and Hadoop certification. You will learn in depth how to develop in Hadoop and Spark Analytics
environments. At the end of class, you’ll be ready to take the exams and be successful in your career.

Program Highlights:

  • Detailed hands on training in foundations of Hadoop echo system (HDFS, HBase, MapReduce, Hive, Impala, PIG, SQOOP, FLUME, YARN, OOZIE, PARKEE, AVRO, HUE, KAFKA and Solr).
  • In depth training in analytics using SPARK with Scala and Python.
  • Gain expert insights on Industry Case studies in Hadoop and Spark Implementation.
  • Get trained on Hadoop cluster (Cloudera Cluster) and Cloudera Manager, Cloudera Navigator.
  • Study materials in the form of classnotes, class videos, exercises, practice exam materials.
  • Gain knowledge at a level required to be successful at Hadoop certification.
FOR ENROLMENT AND OTHER DETAILS CONTACT: +1 678 534 8158 OR +1 678 234 7613